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David Frost Video

He is 1 of 9 people from India to be interviewed by Sir David Frost.

Shayan became the first person in history to auction a portion of his earnings on eBay. He raised $18,000 in 7 days. He went on to privately raise US$ 1million for his music project which no one had ever done at the time. Watch his exclusive interview with the late great Sir David Frost below.


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Souncloud Song Sample

Over 40 million downloads worldwide. An inspiring journey for Broadway!

Shayan’s project FEEL has been downloaded by over 40 million people Internationally. His journey is now in consideration to be made into a Broadway Musical. Whack on some headphones and listen to a clip of REFLECTION below. Listen loud! It’s haunting


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Mum Rise Video

“Never be afraid to be different…never be afraid to not fit in”

Shayan unexpectedly started writing songs post losing his parents at a young age. He doesn’t read music, sees the piano as code, can transpose in real time, writes a song in 5 minutes and has a standing catalogue of 150 songs. View the RISE video below that honours his Mum for the gift she left him with. Use headphones!


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Biryani360 – From music to food!

Shayan’s latest brainchild is Biryani360; one of India’s top 5 critically acclaimed food startups of 2015. It’s completely out-of-the-box and wild fun. The funniest thing is, he doesn’t cook! Watch the hilarious video below animated by him in his bedroom that sparked a novel business idea leading to critical acclaim:

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Charity Section

Cancer & Multiple Sclerosis Support

Shayan lost his Mum to Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow) and his Dad to Multiple Sclerosis at a young age. He’s been an avid supporter of both Cancer Research and the MS Society internationally.


Cancer Research

Multiple Sclerosis

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Ghost Town Lyrics

I was sent to this land
To repent my sins,
Knowing from that moment
I was slave to its chains.
I’ve tried to believe
This suffering would end for me,
But legend says;
Within the Ghost Town,
Not even death can set
One’s conscience free.

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You may email Shayan directly at